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Quality Assurance


Master Milling Center is committed to Quality Assurance through delivering the best parts in the dental industry and ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every case. Here at MMC, we do not sacrifice quality for speed. Each case undergoes quality inspections during the incoming, in-process and final processing stages to ensure our customers receive high-quality parts within their order specifications. 
As part of our commitment to quality and customer service, we solicit feedback on each order through our proprietary software and follow-up calls. More importantly, this customer feedback is used to guide our Continuous Improvement philosophy in the pursuit of excellence.




We believe in dedicated and reliable customer care with special attention paid to all our client’s needs. Due to this belief, we developed new technology breakthroughs in software and laboratory operations to enable our dental partners to monitor the exact status of every case sent to MMC directly from our website. Because of the synergy which exists between our departments, customers may view which stage or process their cases are on at all times, live, and easily make requests or changes while the case gets to the finish point.


This cutting-edge innovation brings MMC to the forefront of inspection and quality control. Our technology establishes a transparency between us and our clients on a scale never seen before. Cutting-edge technology is just one of the advantages our clients have access to when working with MMC.






We believe in providing our clients with an extensive overview of our work at all times in order to achieve the highest level of customer service. Along with our proprietary tracking system, completed cases will be professionally photographed upon request and submitted for review and final adjustments.


This way, we are virtually next door to our clients and will be able to provide individualized service on a per case basis to meet exact demands and specifications. This is how we are going to shape the dentistry of tomorrow, one case at a time. 



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