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Dr. Richard Stevenson

Dr. Stevenson is one of only 82 Board Certified Operative Dentists in the world and brings 30 years of clinical and academic experience to the lab and it’s customer base. He is one of the most awarded faculty of the School of Dentistry in regards to teaching, among which he has received Teacher of the Year four times. Additionally, he has been selected to receive the prestigious Distinguished Lecturer Award in 2003. He is responsible for continuing education for dentists, software designers and bench technicians. He has lectured extensively internationally in the areas of Restorative Dentistry, Dental Materials and Emerging Technologies. He is a celebrated educator at the UCLA School of Dentistry and is a Professor of Clinical Dentistry and Chairman of the Section of Restorative Dentistry.

Ms. Huang is bilingual in English and Chinese (Mandarin) and has an extensive background in strategic information systems and has served as an IT consultant for Toyota, Bank of America and Intel. She leads milling and dental lab operations in Asia and serves locally to insure the quality of our computer aided and manufacturing technologies. She holds a MS degree from UC Berkeley and is an integral team member in infrastructure efficiency and international operations. Her extensive knowledge in Six Sigma methodology serves as a basis of our industry-leading quality standards and accomplishments, enabling Master Milling Center to manufacture highest quality products with near perfect operational efficiency. 

Sargis is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, a passionate engineer, and a visionary who constantly strives towards perfection and innovation. His primary focus is creating value for people and bringing joy to their lives with the help of technology. He loves finding new uses of technology and solving problems. He has extensive experience in statistical quality control, lean implementation, and Six Sigma tools and techniques for process improvement. Sargis also has extensive training in complete process automation, facility layout design, and advanced computer–aided manufacturing. He is an owner of multiple design and utility patents in the field of consumer electronics and currently has several process optimization patents that are pending. 

In Pursuit of Excellence 

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Richard G. Stevenson III


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