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The New Face of Dentistry

When Master Milling Center merged two leading dental laboratories and expertise from all areas of dentistry, we cemented ourselves as a leader in dentistry without limitations. MMC, established as a result of this collaboration, drastically expanded its products and services while combining a wide range of proprietary techniques to fabricate restorations of unmatched quality and unbeatable turnaround times.


The New Standard


Master Milling Center is a leading full-service dental laboratory and dental milling company capable of producing a wide range of high precision prostheses for dental laboratories and directly for dentists around the world. We offer numerous continuing education courses as well for dentists and technicians, from Diagnosis and Treatment Planning to Implants Restorations. Master Milling Center was founded by Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III, a world-class dentist, academician, and sought after speaker, along with Mr. Levon Vardumyan, a reputable master technician with nearly 30 years of experience. 


Master Milling Center

exists to provide the most discerning dentists and laboratories with the

highest quality dental prostheses with the most efficient and customized service in the industry.

Here at Master Milling Center, we beleive it is our duty to shape the dentistry of tomorrow. We not only work here for the advanced technology and equipment, but also because we know that CAD/CAM systems will transform dentistry by enabling the manufacturability of the highest quality prosthesis and the most beautiful smiles for our clients. 


Let Us Show You the MMC Difference


Our focus on quality and consistency enable our clients to achieve the highest standards in dentistry. Master Milling Center is a customer-driven organization and we actively implement continuous improvement practices to streamline our process and become better, faster, cheaper, and greener. Across our career areas and around the world, we see the value of our craft every day. We are Master Millers and quality excellence is at the heart of what we do.

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